About Us

Our Mission

The Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness on the consequences of distracted driving. We’re on a mission to educate drivers, save lives, and end this deadly epidemic. In addition to anti-distracted driving initiatives, the APB Foundation seeks to strengthen the local community through charity and outreach, while doing good deeds and “random acts of kindness” in the name and memory of Anthony Phoenix Branca.

We are a network of individuals, united for one purpose: to upheave social norms and eradicate distracted driving, #BecauseAnthony. Our Bandana Army is growing in both strength and numbers. Our revolution has taken shape, but we need your help!

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Who We Are

Demetrius Branca

President & Bandana Army




Lora Branca McNeff

Vice President & Bandana Army General


Shawn McNeff

Executive Board Member


We're Legit...

The Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. Donations to The Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent as allowed by federal laws. You can verify our exemption status here

My Marching Orders

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  • Why Bandanas?
    Anthony knew the best accessory to any outfit was his bandana. Let’s face it, the kid had swagger! When we started this Foundation, in memory & honor of Anthony, we knew we had to incorporate bandanas into our battle gear. Low and behold – it became the symbol for our Bandana Army. Wear your bandana with pride, and when you do we hope you think of Anthony.
  • How Can I Support the War Effort?
    The essence of any successful revolution is passion. In order to create a more powerful resistance, we need your help in spreading the word! Our mission not only depends on you taking a firm stance against distracted driving yourself, but sharing the knowledge with your friends and family.
  • Why Should I Donate?
    Revolutions may be expensive, but the value of someone’s life is priceless. By donating to the Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation, you’re directly helping save lives. Your support helps us continue to spread our message and educate more people to make smarter decisions while behind the wheel. 100% of the funds that are donated are used to support initiatives that end distracted driving and make our roads a safer place for everyone. We appreciate anything you can contribute!