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We're waging war: We're on a mission to end distracted driving, #BecauseAnthony. But, we cannot do it alone. It will take a social REVOLUTION to end this. It will take an ARMY of people standing up and speaking out! Enlist your friends by sharing on Facebook or twitter to help grow our ranks today.

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Why Do We Need a Revolution?

How many of you don't feel safe on our roads with all the distracted drivers? How many of you think there ought to be a law?

Distracted driving is both a social and moral problem. In order to attack it, it will take an army of people saying, “My life is worth more…” It will take people being disturbed rather than amused by videos filmed while driving. It will take you replying to your friend, who sent you a Snapchat while driving, saying “That’s not okay - You could have killed yourself, or my loved one.” It will take you being personally offended that when this behavior occurs people are really telling you, “Your life is not as important as this text message."

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