Join APB's TextNinja Awareness Campaign

 TextNinja silences distractions before they strike so you can pay your full attention to the road. Once you've downloaded the TextNinja App, please join APB Foundation's Awareness Campaign. By joining our Campaign, you can help us quantify the impact of Anthony's Revolution to End Distracted Driving.

Sometimes Ninja's can be hard-to-find!

In the unlikely event you cannot find our Campaign, we're sending out reinforcements to help you through the process...

Download in App Store Download in Google Play

Once you’ve downloaded and opened the TextNinja App:

1. Locate & press the Ninja Star button on the bottom of the screen.

2. Sign into Facebook (Note: The app will not post on your behalf!)

3. Press the “Find your Special Campaign” button.

4. Select “Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation” and click “Join Campaign” at the bottom.