Hero of the Month Award

Hero of the Month Award

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Demetrius was nominated for Hero of the Month by Lora Branca. Read her entry below:

"It may sound unusual to some but, I would like to nominate my ex-husband as a hero. On November 7, 2014 our 19 year old son, Anthony, was killed by a distracted driver. It was devastating. Over the past 18 months I have watched my ex-husband, Demetrius, try and take this tragedy and make something good come from it. Together with his step-parents, we started a non-profit foundation to bring awareness to the epidemic of distracted driving and perform charitable acts in memory of our son. I have watched him push through all the emotions that still bring me to my knees, in order to help others. He has given countless interviews, and travels around giving speeches to high schools and other venues. He has worked along side the Florida Teen Driving Coalition to spread awareness. He has given college and camp scholarships to deserving kids. He has recently started a petition to make texting and driving a primary offense in Florida. To date, that petition has garnered over 44,000 signatures. It will be presented to the Florida State Senate, the Florida State House and the Florida Governor. You can check out the website he created for the foundation and learn more at s9g.887.myftpupload.com. He is determined that no one should loose another family member or friend and experience what we have due to distracted driving. He is starting a "revolution" against this senselessness. I am inspired and encouraged by him daily and that is why he is my hero."

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