What is a Bonc?

bonc script


1. A sensory occurrence that causes you to recall a past memory, story, moment, or joke relating to Anthony Phoenix Branca.

2. A subtle sign from Anthony Phoenix Branca that makes you smile or laugh.

3. Any random time or incident when something works out in a way that Anthony would find humorous.

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(past tense: bonc’d)

[pronounced: bonked]

4. When you receive an unexpected sign from Anthony Phoenix Branca

Usage Example:


  • Aw man, I saw someone wearing a red bandana today. I got bonc’d!
  • I just heard the national anthem, and got bonc’d hardcore!
  • My shoe came apart and I had to fix it with duct tape. Talk about getting bonc’d!
  • I won $20,000 and became Champion of the Lottery… It’s a good thing I had gotten bonc’d before, so I knew how to invest it!
  • I was introduced to a guy named Bob and I started to giggle. He didn’t know that I had just got’ bonc’d!
  • I’ve been bonc’d, so I never drive distracted.

Word Etymology:

Late American English. First known origins were discovered in handle format, as “@YaBoyThaBonc” on a popular social networking platform, known as “Twitter”. Later, as the handle grew in popularity, wisdom, and refinement, it evolved to become “@TheBonc” and remains searchable on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. In modern usage, the word has transformed to become an homage to the likeness and memory of Anthony Phoenix Branca. May he rest in power.