The Impact of Anthony's Revolution

The Impact of Anthony’s Revolution

We'd like to share some of the {many} heartfelt comments we've received from those who've signed our petition... It is words such as these that fuel our inspiration to create change across the nation (and world) on the subject of distracted driving, #BecauseAnthony. While we may be waging war on distracted driving in Florida, our hope is to take this petition nationwide. No one should suffer the loss of their loved one for something as senseless as a text message. We thank you for reading, and we hope you will add your name to our petition and share it with your friends and family. 

My most heartfelt condolences to the family of Anthony. Texting, reading texts and making and answering phone calls while driving, using a hand held device, is dangerous and unconscionable. I live for the day when this selfish practice is banned and enforcement of the ban is speedy and harsh.

Lisa K. – Santa Barbara, CA

I'm signing because Anthony was my hero and still is.

Morgan G. – Ocala, FL

Anthony Branca's death was preventable. Texting and driving should be illegal in every state, including Florida. Please, pass legislature in Florida making texting while driving a primary offense. Save lives!

Cynthia P. – Columbia, SC

I can't believe how far behind Florida is! My life is just as important in Florida as it is in California. So, why is it Florida doesn't think so?! PLEASE UPDATE YOUR FLORIDA LAW to reflect the current data that proves that first offense distracted driving laws lower accident rates! Law makers, don't wait until it is your child killed, like my friend, Demetrius, had to suffer. A secondary offense may mean they don't get a ticket or in trouble until they have already killed your child. Let's help our society prevent these tragedies by educating the public and setting up preventative laws!

Anna K. – Corona, CA

Florida is definitely the scariest state to drive in. I've driven all over the state on my Harley. People tailgate, dial, talk, text and read the paper, all that at 60-80 mph. Many of them at only 15-20 feet behind me. If I had to brake suddenly I wouldn't have a chance. My chances of surviving would be close too zero.

Daniel S. – Bayfield, WI