Rescues World's Oldest Dog Breed - Argos

Rescues World's Oldest Dog Breed - Argos

Rescues World’s Oldest Dog Breed – Argos

Anthony hounded his dad from a young age to get a dog. For years, Anthony touted the virtues of dog ownership and promised that he would be a trustworthy dog owner. In March of 2012, after visiting the local animal shelter and playing with a devilishly cute puppy, Anthony and his brother Isaac unleashed a flurry of pleas… his dad finally relented. But only under the condition that they find the right dog to join their family.

Immediately Anthony sprang into action. He grabbed his laptop and searched the internet for the best way to find the right dog. He found a questionnaire on the Animal Planet website. The suggested breed was a Canaan Dog. A rare and ancient breed with ancestry dating to the Egyptian empire in pre-biblical times.

A rare breed indeed.

A further search found five dogs of this breed available for sale or adoption within a 5oo mile radius. One of them was six hours away in South Carolina at the Oconee Humane Society, his name was Vinny.

By that evening, Vinny was on his way home with his new Branca Boys wolf pack.

There were many creative and funny suggestions for a new name for Vinny on the car ride home. Anthony suggested the name that eventually stuck because it is a perfect fit; Argos. In Homer’s Odyssey, Argos is Odysseus’ faithful dog and the only one to recognize the hero when he returned home after 20 years.