Pickets for Comfy Attire Day at School

Pickets for Comfy Attire Day at School

Pickets for Comfy Attire Day at School

Dear Mr. Epting,

Why are pajama pants prohibited in school? Upon looking into the code of conduct i received within my agenda book at the start of the year, I see that every mention of clothing that is prohibited there is a reason, or the reason is implied, such as the mention of Florida's sagging pants law. As my eyes wander down the paper, casually reading for mention of my love, pajama pants, I only see the sentence "Pajamas are not allowed to be worn at school." I've read this sentence many times and I can not seem to figure out why the school system is discriminating against the comfiest form of bloomers. Surely it's not due to their revealing nature. The shorts that I was required to wear for gym class my freshman year were less concealing than any pajama pants i could wear. It can't be because it offends anyone, because I've never met a person who becomes upset by the sight of plaid, or drawings of bears, so the only two pair of pajama pants I own could not be a cause of anxiety to my peers.

So far, in my three and a half years as a Leon Lion, I have only seen the inside of student affairs once, and that was to retrieve a cell phone that had been removed from my possession for texting my mother in class. I am a good student with passing grades in all my classes, and I try to abide by the rules of this school. I am a member of the marching redcoats and I have held a leadership position in the band every year I could. So all I ask is for a comfortable alternative to jeans. I don't wear slacks either. And now it's too cold for shorts.

I understand that this is a part of school policy, but my goal is not mischievous or misguided in any way, I am only looking to maximize my comfort at school, and I am curious about why my pants are inappropriate to wear during school. Mr. Skelly told me this previous Monday that if I wore pajama pants again, he would send me home. A devastating start to my week. As a generally good person who tries to abide by the rules, I accepted my fate as a man (i just turned 18) without pajamas. Disheartened as I was, and I tell you I was, I decided to skip the middle-man and jump right to the top of the ladder, and send you, my principle, an email. With the most sincere feeling I can administer via email, I ask for a way to wear pajama pants at school. Maybe a pass I can show Mr. Skelly? Some form of 'get out of student affairs office free' card so I can wear my bear pants to school? I look forward to reading your response.


Anthony Branca