Fuses a Man's Spine

Fuses a Man's Spine

Fuses a Man’s Spine

Dear Donor Family,

I am writing to say thank you for the generous and caring gift of tissue donation from your loved one. I am sorry for you loss but I would like to tell you what a positive impact your decision has had on my life. I hope you will find some comfort in knowing that your loved one has helped to restore another person’s life.

I had a bulging disc in my spine which was causing pain to shoot down my arms. It was becoming harder to do the normal tasks a person must do everyday.

My surgeon discovered, when he cleaned out the disc, that my bones were mushy and the screws from the metal plate could not be securely fastened to the bone. So he had to add some bone tissue donated from your loved one. This allowed him to secure the metal plate which will hold my vertebra so they may fuse together, eliminating the pressure on my spinal cord. The nerves will recover and I will be able to return to normal activities, thanks again to your generous gift of tissue donation.

For this gift I am very appreciated, my family and I will always be grateful for the generosity and kindness that you and your loved one have shown. When I die, I will follow the example of your loved one and be a tissue donor also.

Thank you,